Oak Rum

Aged in used oak bourbon casks, Oak Rum is the only rum made in Kentucky, and reflects its proud distilling history.
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While rum is often associated with and distilled in tropical locales like the Caribbean and South America, rum has a rich and proud history in the United States as one of the most popular spirits in colonial times. The tradition continues today with Oak Rum, finely handcrafted in Lexington, Kentucky by Barrel House Distilling.

When Jeff Wiseman and Dr. Peter Wright opened the doors of Barrel House in 2006, they knew their Kentucky location would provide them with certain advantages. Aside from the state's rich history of distilling and the abundance of knowledge in terms of process and technique, Kentucky offers a tangible advantage: lots and lots of used bourbon barrels. So when Wiseman and Wright decided to make Oak Rum — Kentucky's first and only rum — it was obvious that they should make use of the abundance of bourbon casks.

Named for the most abundant tree in Kentucky's forests, Oak Rum is pure Kentucky through and through. Distilled along the Town Branch of Elkhorn Creek, Oak Rum is then aged in the same charred bourbon barrels (made from — you guessed it — Kentucky oak) that consistently produce some of the finest and most loved whiskeys on the planet. As a result, there's a hint of bourbon in Oak Rum, which explains why it's such good sipping rum. And it is good sipping rum — Oak Rum was named the best amber rum by the American Distilling Institute. Of course, Oak Rum also makes for a perfect base in your favorite cocktail — the bourbon barrel aging means it works wonders even in a Manhattan or Old Fashioned!

"We're extremely pleased with our Oak Rum," says Jeff Wiseman, staring at a bottle in hand like a proud father. "The bourbon barrels give it a unique kick that everyone seems to love."

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Proof 103 (51.5% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name 123 Spirits
Size 375mL
Notes of caramel and vanilla, with a hint of bourbon and charred wood.
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