Marquis de Saint-Loup 15 Year Old AOC Calvados

This AOC (controlled designation of origin) calvados is crafted at the 17th-century estate where the entire process takes place. It spends at least 15 years in various different oak casks before being blended into this fruity, rich, and complex expression.
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Calvados is a famous brandy that is produced from apples, sometimes with the addition of pears. Pays D'Auge is the most celebrated region within Normandy, France, where some of the finest calvados in the world is produced. It is there, near the village of Saint-Pierre, that the Marquis de Saint-Loup estate has stood since the 17th century. The region is known for its abundant apple orchards, cheeses including Camembert, and thoroughbred horse farms.

The orchards of Marquis de Saint-Loup consist of 50 acres of regular-sized apple trees (tall standard orchards). They adhere to organic standards while building on the rich tradition that has garnered the Marquis de Saint-Loup family countless awards and accolades over the 3 generations, bringing global recognition to the brand.

Their 15 Year Old AOC calvados is crafted, bottled, and aged at their estate, adhering to strict AOC (controlled designation of origin) regulations. Only certain varieties of apples and pears from the region are allowed and the fermented cider is distilled in a single column still. Once the French INAO board has analyzed the eau-de-vie, it is transferred into small, 300-liter casks, many of which used to hold sherry, cognac, and port. The calvados spends at least 15 years in these casks before being blended into the rich, full-bodied, fruity, and nutty expression.

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Proof 80 (40% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Marquis de Saint-Loup
Size 750mL
The oak casks leave the spirit with a rich amber color. You can expect a nose of cashew, almond, and pear aromas. It's a tender brandy with butterscotch on the palate, culminating in a long finish.
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