IslandJon Apple Gwayav Guava Flavored Vodka

Give yourself a moment to live like a loved musician from the Caribbean with Guava plants surrounding your home. Can you feel the salty air? IslandJon Apple-Gwayav Vodka can take you there.
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IslandJon vodka is, above all, a family affair. The founder Levi John and his son Kevin set out to create a spirit to reflect life in the Caribbean, extensive travels, love of music, a childhood in Trinidad and Tobago. A spirit that can make you move ‘to the beat of your own drum’. It is reflecting the founders’ professional music background and decades of performing on stage. Thus a unique island vodka was born. Everything about IslanJon is a celebration of the so-called islanders’ life. Its mission: to make you take-off for a tropical paradise, if only via taste.
The inspiration behind this exciting flavored vodka expression goes all the way back to Levi Johan’s childhood, spent in proximity of 2 guava trees that filled the air around his home with the floral aroma. That’s how IslandJon Apple-Gwayav Vodka came to be. It is distilled 6 and filtered 8 times. The latter through activated charcoal for that extra smooth flavor. It is infused with Apple Guava puree. It rests at 190 proof but is cut to an enjoyable 40% ABV. The exotic character can be savored served chilled or spice-up any vodka-forward cocktail. It’s the literal fruit punch of peach-like flavor that will blow your mind.
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Proof 80 (40% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name IslandJon Vodka
Size 750mL
The translucent hue of gold. Fruit and floral aroma. Guava and peach.
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