Cambridge Distillery Japanese Gin

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Size750mL Proof84 (42%ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
Crafted in a small distillery in Cambridge, this premium gin was the first to use Japanese botanicals exclusively. The juniper, shiso leaf, sesame seeds, cucumber, sansho, and yuzu each get distilled separately in order to obtain the optimal delicate and pure profile.
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About Cambridge Distillery Japanese Gin

Crafted with fresh botanicals that are in season, each of these ingredients is distilled individually, tailoring temperatures, pressures, and timings individually in order to achieve the perfect flavor. Lowe then blends them into the perfect spirit, channeling his 20 years of expertise into the finished product. Their lineup consists of several gin expressions ranging from the usual suspects to experimental: Dry Gin, Curator's Gin, Seasonal Gin, Truffle Gin, Japanese Gin, and even Anty Gin which uses red wood ants as an ingredient. Apart from making excellent spirits, they also operate The Classroom ― a space, dedicated to gin education that goes from the distillation processes to tasting, as well as an on-site shop where you can even blend your own gin.

The award-winning Japanese Gin is crafted in Cambridge using exclusively Japanese botanicals. Juniper, shiso leaf, sesame seeds, cucumber, sansho, and yuzu are in the recipe, each of them getting distilled at low temperatures in a vacuum. Pure and delicate, the gin pairs wonderfully with gentler tonics. Launched in 2014, it was the first spirit ever to use Japanese botanicals exclusively.

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About Cambridge Distillery

Cambridge Distillery was founded in 2012 in the United Kingdom by the husband-and-wife team of William and Lucy Lowe. Nestled between the River Cam and Grantchester Meadows that have several botanicals and fruits growing right there, it's a constant source of inspiration. Lowe has been involved with the wine & spirits industry since he was 18, working to pay for his university studies. His passion for bartending and spirits in general kept growing, eventually moving over to running restaurants and bars as well as educating and sitting on international judging panels.

About Gin

According to Winston Churchill, "The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen's lives and minds than all the doctors in the Empire," referring to the British officers using it to treat malaria in India.

Initially made for medicinal purposes, gin gets most of its flavor from the juniper berries added after the distillation process. It sure has come a long way from the Middle Ages, with the introduction of new botanicals, fruits, and spices, bringing it closer to people of all flavor varieties.

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The dry and light crystal clear gin opens with fresh green and earthy notes of juniper and pine. It's dry and light-bodied with more green and juniper notes on the palate, along with citrus, peppery spice, and gentle warmth.
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