Batch 22 Classic Gold New American Aquavit

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Size750mL Proof80 (40% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
Co-founder of Batch 22 Matthew Arkin spent decades searching for a unique spirit he once tasted. During the pandemic, he set out to replicate the elusive spirit with the help of some friends. It's a grain-based spirit with citrus, caraway, and dill serving as the core botanicals.

Batch 22 Classic Gold New American Aquavit has received several prestigious awards, including a Gold Medal for 2022 Best Specialty Spirit from the Beverage Testing Institute, a Platinum medal from L. A. Spirits Awards, a Specialty Spirit of the Year from New Orleans, and Gold Medal from the Concours d’Spirits.
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About Batch 22 Classic Gold New American Aquavit

Launched in 2022, Batch 22 Classic Gold New American Aquavit is a unique grain-based spirit with a blend of botanicals. The American twist on a traditional Scandinavian aquavit recipe is the brainchild of Batch 22 co-founder and CEO Matthew Arkin. The actor tried a spirit in the 1970s while on a movie set in Eastern Europe and the experience stayed with him for life. After decades of searching and tasting, he could not find anything similar. During the pandemic, he set out to replicate the recipe with co-founders Bruce Glassman and Marc Marosi. The 22nd recipe turned into the first prototype batch, a smooth, complex, and approachable spirit quite unlike classic aquavit. Traditionally, fennel and anise are the core botanicals used. Instead, the team opted for citrus, caraway, and dill. Distilled 6 times and with no added sugar, it's a unique 80-proof spirit without any artificial additives.

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The nose is bright and citrusy with rye bread, dill, floral, and herbaceous aromas. The palate is floral and herbal with lemon zest, dill, and toasted caraway seed notes, culminating in a smooth and gently warming finish with lingering floral and herbal notes.
5 out of 5
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