Baron Gaston Legrand Bas Armagnac Elusa Vintage 1964

Bas Armagnac Elusa 1964 was distilled in 1964 and aged in Limousin and Monlezun oak barrels until it was bottled in 2014 (50 years) in a handmade decanter.
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The Lhéraud family cognac and armagnac distilling tradition can be traced back to 1802 in the community of Angeac-Charente. A family of winegrowers and craftsmen, the legacy has been passed on to Guy, Andrée and Laurent Lhéraud, keepers of the masterful recipes, most renown for their exceptional and rare vintages, Cognac Lhéraud and Baron Gaston Legrand.

Generations of the Lhéraud family have been living in the same 10th-century house in Lasdoux —in the heart of the Petite Champagne region— since 1680. The family made their first cognac in 1802, and a few bottles of this special cognac have been kept in the Lhérauds’ private Paradis.

Their rich history of cognac distillation has allowed the Lhéraud family to possess the quality traditions and extensive knowledge that it takes to produce an exceptional cognac. After Andrée and Guy Lhéraud inherited the domaine in the 1960s, the cognac house fell on hard times, but they persevered. In 1970, they decided to produce cognac under the name Cognac Lhéraud. All Lhéraud cognacs and armagnacs are crafted from grapes grown and harvested from their own vineyards. The entire process from harvesting, to distillation, aging, bottling, and labeling is all carried out by the Lhéraud family.

Baron Gaston Legrand Bas-Armagnac Elusa Vintage 1964 is a product of the Armagnac region, which is separated into three subdistricts: Bas-Armagnac, Ténarèze, and Haut-Armagnac. Bas-Armagnac. The region’s proximity to the Pyrenees Mountains on the Spanish border makes for ideal brandy-making conditions. A temperate climate, with excellent humidity in the spring and early summer, as well as the sandy, acidic soil of Bas-Armagnac creates optimal conditions for producing brandy grapes. Iron minerals in the sand also give the wine a touch of color contributing to its overall pleasant flavor.

Baron Gaston Legrand Bas-Armagnac Elusa Vintage 1964 is distilled once in a traditional armagnac pot beginning in November or December and ending in February. Lhéraud armagnac is aged in Limousin and Monlezun oak barrels, before being gradually cut with water, or petites eaux (a weak mixture of water and Armagnac), to bring the final alcohol level down to 40 percent or 80 proof. This Bas-Armagnac Elusa vintage was distilled in 1964 and aged in oak barrels until it was bottled in 2014 (50 years later) in a handmade decanter.

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Proof 80 (40% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Cognac Lhéraud
Size 750mL
Elegant and woody, with notes of chocolate, nuts, caramel, citrus, espresso with a long and rich, mellow dark chocolate finish.
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