TRU Organic Vanilla Vodka

These vodkas, which are produced exclusively from certified organic ingredients, are made by the first distillery in Los Angeles since Prohibition.
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"It takes 23 square feet of land to grow enough wheat for one bottle of TRU vodka," says Melkon Khosrovian, the founder and master distiller at Greenbar Collective. Situated in a 14,000 square-foot warehouse near the Arts District, Greenbar Collective is Los Angeles' first distillery since Prohibition. Each bottle of TRU Vodka is made using certified organic wheat, which Khosrovian sources from the Midwest. "By using only certified organic ingredients,"he says, "we're able to maintain clean farmland, while adding bolder flavors to our vodka."

TRU Organic Vodka is made using only two simple ingredients: organic American wheat and water. As a result, the vodka has notes of white and black pepper, which lead to a clean and spicy finish.

TRU Organic Lemon Vodka is made by zesting 2,000 fresh lemons, which are purchased from neighborhood farms, says Khosrovian. "After we zest the lemons, we steep the lemon zest in 1,000 gallons of our vodka in order to capture its raw flavors. By steeping the vodka in the lemons rather than distilling the lemons through our still, we're able to retain more flavor, texture and complexity in TRU." TRU Lemon Vodka has bursts of crisp, fresh lemon, which are complemented by a peppery undertone.

Similarly, TRU Organic Vanilla Vodka is made by hand-cutting 5,000 Madagascar and Tahitian vanilla beans. After the beans have been sliced and macerated, they are steeped in 1,000 gallons of TRU Vodka for two to three weeks. This process imparts sweet notes of vanilla and caramel to the vodka, which lead to a crisp and clean finish.

"We make exceptionally flavorful spirits," says Khosrovian, "by focusing on organic ingredients with honest craftsmanship, all the while leaving the world a little better off each time someone reaches out for TRU vodka." For each bottle of TRU Vodka sold, Khosrovian plants a tree in the rainforests of Central America, which not only reduces his carbon footprint, but also provides shade for fair trade crops of coffee and cacao grown by local farmers.

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Proof Lemon: 70 (35% ABV); Organic: 80 (40% ABV); Vanilla: 70 (35% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Undisclosed
Size 750mL
Lemon: Bursts of lemon and hints of orange, with a subtle, peppery undertone.
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