Sorel Liqueur

An American take on a traditional Caribbean drink, this liqueur is handcrafted from all natural ingredients.
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Hibiscus has long been revered throughout the world for its curative and aphrodisiacal properties. In the Middle East, hibiscus is used as the backbone of flavorful, crimson teas that are served in bustling cafés and bazaars. In Italy, it is mixed with sugar and freshly squeezed lemon juice and usually served chilled. In the Caribbean, hibiscus is often blended with rum or wine, along with several other herbs and spices, and is traditionally served during the holidays.

Distilled in a pre-Civil War building in Red Hook, Brooklyn, Sorel Liqueur is a modern American twist to this Caribbean tradition. Jackie Summers, a native New Yorker of Caribbean descent, spent 15 years sourcing ingredients from across the globe in an effort to perfect his personal recipe for Sorel. Handcrafted from all natural ingredients, including Moroccan hibiscus, Indonesian cassia and nutmeg, Nigerian ginger and Brazilian cloves, Sorel is an entirely new type of liqueur.

The Moroccan hibiscus, which is full of antioxidants and curative properties, gives Sorel its unique, dark hue. The Nigerian ginger adds a peppery kick and is well-balanced by the Indonesian nutmeg. Finally, the cassia and cloves add warmth and brightness.

The result is an incredibly versatile liqueur that has bright floral notes that are balanced by warm spices. Sorel's unique flavor profile earned it a score of 91 points from Wine Enthusiast in 2012 and "10 out of 10"from the Spirits Review. In addition, Sorel earned five stars from F. Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal, which said that it had "unlimited cocktail potential," and five stars from Difford's Guide, which called it "extraordinary."

Sorel is strong enough to stand on its own or can be used to make an amazing cocktail. Pick up a bottle today!

More Information
Proof 30 Proof (15% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Jack From Brooklyn
Size 750mL
Aroma of clove and cinnamon with subtle hints of nutmeg. Initial notes of cinnamon and pepper. Light notes of cassia and ginger follow and backstop the sweet, spicy finish. Warm and well-balanced.
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