Naud Fine Cognac Extra

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Size750mL Proof84.6 (42.3% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
Only the finest, oldest, and rarest eaux-de-vie from the Naud family cellars make it into the Extra. It's a rich, harmonious, and award-winning cognac expression that is bottled at a higher 84.6 proof.
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About Naud Fine Cognac Extra

The Naud family history has seen 5 generations of entrepreneurs crafting spirits in the past century. The art was rediscovered by Jean-Michel Naud in the 80s. The son-in-law of Robert Perrier, Naud was passionate about wine and spirits and a trained oenologist. Together with his son Pierre, they resurrected the distillery in order to craft cognac and a range of other spirits.

Emile Perrier founded la Distillerie du Donjon, his first distillery, in 1923, after studying distilling in Bordeaux. In 1936 an ancient grain mill in Pinthiers was converted into a cognac distillery by Emile's son, Jean-Gabriel, taking the name Distillerie Perrier. The distillery had 5 Speichim copper pot stills which continued operation under Jean-Gabriel's son Robert. It wasn't until 1999 that Jean-Michel Naud built the first vodka distillery in the Charente region, crafting premium neutral wheat spirit. Finally, in 2017 Pierre and his son revived the distillery in Pinthiers, firing up its 5 pot stills in order to craft premium spirits using grapes from the family's expanding vineyards.

Naud Cognac Extra is crafted under the watchful eye of Jean-Michel Naud and his son Pierre using only the finest, rarest eaux-de-vie from their cellars, each batch meticulously tested before release. It's a culmination of all the tradition and expertise that the cognac house is built upon. The harmonious spirit features a magnificent mahogany color with golden highlights and notes of candied orange, cedarwood, rancio, vanilla, and tannins. The cognac is bottled at a higher 84.6 proof.

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About Cognac

Cognac is a type of brandy produced in the Cognac region of France.
Because the French take it very seriously, there are numerous rules cognac makers have to follow not to fall “short” into the brandy category.

The white wine from the specific grapes (Ugni blanc) has to be doubly distilled in a copper pot still before being aged for at least two years in oak casks from which the wood can only come from two specific forests in France (Limousin or Tronçais).

Depending on the age, there are three types of cognac, the youngest V.S. (Very Special), V.S.O.P. (Very Superior Old Pale), and the X.O. (Extra Old)

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The color is a beautiful mahogany with golden highlights. On the nose, you'll find a harmony of candied orange, quince, coffee, cedarwood, and distinct rancio. The bold palate has orange peel, leather, roasted nuts, and tobacco, finishing with lingering vanilla, oak, and rancio notes.
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