Delamain L'Aigle XO Cognac

This expression is crafted from eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne, aged 25 years or more. The elegant and complex cognac is cut to proof using old cognac instead of water, preserving the delicate richness of the spirit.
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The family-run House of Delamain is one of the oldest cognac houses and has been in the art of making cognac for more than 2 centuries. Based in Jarnac, France, it was founded in 1759 when James Delamain left Ireland to settle in the French town. After his death in 1800, the business closed its doors to be reopened in 1924 by James' grandson Henri Delamain, who founded Maison Delamain. Several generations have shaped the character of the house of cognac, as it was run by botanists, writers, ornithologists, humanists, archaeologists, and historians.

The cognac house is focused on XO cognac and uses eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne exclusively, this being the most prestige of all the cognac crus (regions). Delamain pride themselves on letting time work its magic, never rushing the tasting, assessment, and selection of the thousands of samples that come their way. Time is a crucial element here, as they deal with rare cognacs, often aged 50 years or more.

Once an eau-de-vie has been selected it goes into the cellars of Cellar Master Dominique Touteau, where it is closely monitored throughout its long stay. The aged French oak casks preserve the fruity flavor and subtleties and are moved between different cellars; sometimes the cask needs a damp environment, other times a breezy one, a cool or warmer one. The liquid inside breathes and follows the rhythm of the seasons.

When the time has come to blend the meticulously-developed cognac, the Cellar Master already knows the tiniest details and temperaments of each eau-de-vie. The blending of the cognac is left until last, only leaving the two years of marrying the final liquid in order to let all the aromas and flavors gel and make Delamain the fantastically elegant spirit that it is.

Delamain Cognac L'Aigle XO features the depiction of the coat of arms that Nicholas Delamain received from King Charles I of England in 1639. L'aigle (the eagle) is crafted from Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie that is aged over 25 years, resulting in an elegant and complex cognac. It is cut to 40% ABV using old cognac instead of water, preserving the delicate richness of the spirit.

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Proof 80 (40% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Maison Delamain
Size 750mL
The elegant, delicate, yet rich profile opens with floral notes on the nose, along with toasted almonds and orange zest. The palate is fruity with cocoa, vanilla, and delicate spice notes. Finishes long and complex with lasting notes.
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