• montelobos

    A Cutting-Edge Mezcal with Traditional Roots

    Taste the pursuit of true perfection with Montelobos Mezcall! Montelobos is all about harnessing the wisdom of ancient mezcalero traditions and honing them to perfection through a meticulous pursuit of excellence.

    Montelobos stands as a distinct emblem of Mexican heritage and craftsmanship. This one-of-a-kind spirit is painstakingly created using the same time-honored and artisanal mezcal methods that have been in use for 500 years, such as wild-fermenting the spirit in open-air pine wood vats. Savoring Montelobos is an exploration and celebration of the rich flavors that only the finest quality organic agave can offer.

    Staying true to their name, Montelobos or "Wolf Mountain" also took a stand for the critically endangered Mexican gray and red wolves. That’s why they’ve partnered up with The Wolf Conservation Center (WCC), a non-profit organization committed to preserving North American wolf populations through its three-pronged mission of education, advocacy, and species recovery.