Montana Cold Spring Huckleberry Vodka

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Size750mL Proof80 (40% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
This naturally flavored Huckleberry Vodka “offers a subtle flavor that goes well with lemonade on a warm summer day. A unique product that is flavored with the characteristics of the wild mountain huckleberry.”
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About Montana Cold Spring Huckleberry Vodka

Bozeman Spirits was envisioned in 2012. By 2014 the distillery was brought to life by visionary Jim Harris. Harris moved to Bozeman in 1992 to attend Montana State University, and never left. After fifteen years in the real estate business, Harris set out to bring the first ever craft distillery to the Montana town. Located in the historic district of downtown Bozeman, their philosophy is simple: “Drink local…”

With a multifaceted business model, the privately owned distillery crafts their spirits using only pure Rocky mountain water and locally sourced grains. As the first and only distillery located in the historic area, the passionate enterprise prides itself on encapsulating the spirit of Montana, sustainably, from grain to glass (or cocktail rather).

The business prides itself on its Montana roots, and sense of community. “We are proud to support Montana Family Farms & Agriculture by using as many local grains as possible.” They believe in giving back to their beloved community, offering several volunteer opportunities, and support for numerous local organizations, non-profits and events. Harris even organized a Distillers Guild, for the distillers in Montana.

The distillery itself is also a source of pride. Not only does the facility manufacture all of the Bozeman spirits, it has its own tasting room offering a specialty menu full of unique cocktails, crafted from Bozeman spirits, curated by the distillery staff, and personalized to order. Harris’ children even contributed to the menu by created several non-alcoholic, kid-friendly drinks. Harris renovated the entire building that now houses the facility. The distillery’s bars tables and stools are made from reclaimed wood from the floors of the previous building.

Bozeman Spirits Distillery uses two stills in production; an Artisan 300 Gallon Traditional Copper Pot Still with a 4 plate and 16 plate column, and an Arnold Holstein Copper Pot Still with a 4 plate column. All of the mashing and fermenting takes place on site, using locally sourced grains, and water sourced from the snow capped peaks of the Gallatin mountain range just south of Bozeman.

Bozeman distillery aims to create handcrafted spirits uniquely reflective of the surrounding historic terroirs of Montana, and are made specially for cocktails. The first product released by Bozeman Spirits was their huckleberry vodka, one of the four signatures spirits the distillery produces.

The huckleberries used in the vodka are gathered in Darby, Montana. The berries are the cleaned and frozen by none other than Jim Harris himself. The huckleberries also go into the distillery’s signature cocktails.

Winner of a silver medal at the San Francisco Spirits Competition, this naturally flavored Huckleberry Vodka “offers a subtle flavor that goes well with lemonade on a warm summer day. A unique product that is flavored with the characteristics of the wild mountain huckleberry” (Bozeman Spirits).

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About Vodka

Historians are not clear on the exact origin of vodka since different sources link its beginning to both Russia and Poland. But one thing is clear: this somewhat simple spirit, first used as a medicinal concoction, has become one of the most versatile drinks in the world.

It can be distilled from any type of grains, potatoes, or even grapes worldwide. Due to its simplicity, this unaged spirit's main flavor factor is the quality of water and the ingredients used in the distillation process.

Primarily used in cocktails, vodka can also stand its ground when enjoyed neat.

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The palate is bright with berries, huckleberry flavor, plum notes, raisins, lemon, vanilla, nuttiness, and tarte notes.
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