Mastic Tears Classic Mastiha Spirit Liqueur

This beautifully refined Greek spirit is distilled from the tears of the treasured mastic tree.
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This Greek drink is specially made by distilling only the "tears," or droplets of resin, of the treasured mastic tree, also known as Pistacia lentiscus var. Chia. This unique tree has been highly valued for centuries. The mastic tears yield a dry, elegant, bold, aromatic spirit.

The mastic distillate is notorious for its bountiful health benefits, even treasured by the ancient Romans, who used to use Mastiha to give their wines fragrance. Mastic Tears is perfect for cocktails but can also be enjoyed neat, chilled, and as a digestif. Enjoy well chilled as a shot, in cocktails or as an after dinner digestif. This sweet and refreshing spirit earned a Gold medal at the 2017 Berlin International Spirits Competition.

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Proof 48 (24% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Eva Greek Distillation Co.
Size 750mL
Refined aromas on the nose, the palate has sweet notes with hints of mastic that echo on the finish.
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