Martell VSOP Red Barrel Cognac

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Size750mL Proof80 (40% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
Martell VSOP Aged in Red Barrels is a subtle cognac, in which luscious fruit is perfectly balanced with refined wood overtones. A delicious take on a classic that can be enjoyed neat, on ice, or mixed, or even used to bring your dishes to the next level.
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About Martell VSOP Red Barrel Cognac

Martell VSOP Aged in Red Barrels is a subtle cognac, in which luscious fruit is perfectly balanced with refined wood overtones. Red is a reference to the reddish color of aged oak of the barrels that have already been used to age eaux-de-vie and have reached the perfect stage of maturity before being selected for this cognac. This expression perfectly highlights Martell’s unique ageing style.

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About Martell

Founded in 1715 by merchant Jean Martell, Martell is the oldest of the great Cognac houses. Moving from his native Jersey to France, young Martell devoted himself to developing the art of cognac, and travelled the region in search of the finest eaux-de-vie, establishing ties with local winegrowers. After his death in 1753, his widow Rachel Martell took over Maison Martell, vowing to uphold his vision and integrity. In over three centuries, House Martell’s exceptional cognacs have earned an international repute, and were served at many historical events, such as the coronation of King George V of England in 1911, and the signing of the World War I armistice in 1918. In 1935, Martell cognac hit the headlines when famous explorer Paul-Emile Victor took eight cases with him on a polar expedition. Martell has been part of the French spirits group Pernod Ricard since 2001.

Martell stands out from other great cognac houses because of its special double-distillation method, traditional in the Charente region. To ensure authentic flavor, traditional copper pot stills are used to heat the wine. Martell is the sole major cognac house to distill only clear wines – in which all sediments and impurities have been removed – to produce exceptionally fine and pure eaux-de-vie. These are then matured in soft, fine-grain oak barrels under the watchful eye of the Martell Cellar Master until they reach their full potential, which might take anywhere from two years to several decades. When the eaux-de-vie have matured, they are transferred to glass demijohns to stop the ageing process, and stored in the Jean Martell cellar until they are used to make cognacs. Eaux-de-vie from various vintages and growing areas are masterfully blended to create the unique taste of each cognac. Martell’s VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) was born in 1831, and has since gone on to become a symbol of refinement and savoir-faire throughout the world.

About Cognac

Cognac is a type of brandy produced in the Cognac region of France.
Because the French take it very seriously, there are numerous rules cognac makers have to follow not to fall “short” into the brandy category.

The white wine from the specific grapes (Ugni blanc) has to be doubly distilled in a copper pot still before being aged for at least two years in oak casks from which the wood can only come from two specific forests in France (Limousin or Tronçais).

Depending on the age, there are three types of cognac, the youngest V.S. (Very Special), V.S.O.P. (Very Superior Old Pale), and the X.O. (Extra Old)

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The nose is intense, with aromas of ripe yellow fruit: mirabelle plum, greengage, apricot and vine peach. On the palate, luscious fruit notes fuse deliciously with hints of wood and soft spices from the red barrels, creating an impression of elegance and perfect balance. The finish is long.
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