Linden leaf Cocktail Elements Lemon (50mL)

Size50mL Proof80 (40% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
Linden Leaf is the brainchild of 3 Cambridge scientists who are taking innovative approaches to taste and smell, crafting spirits and mixers on a molecular level. Elements Lemon is a garnish in spray form ― simply spray it onto a cocktail, drink, or food to add a fresh and zesty twist.

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About Linden leaf Cocktail Elements Lemon (50mL)

Paul, Mukund, and Matthew are 3 Cambridge scientists with a shared love of food and drink. Being scientists, they went beyond the ingredients and innovative cooking methods, studying how to extract tastes and aromas on a molecular level. Inspired by molecular gastronomy, they set out to find a better way to make herbal, spice, fruit, and vegetable extracts. Thus, Linden Leaf was formed.

Linden Leaf products are "crafted and tuned at the molecular level." Through traditional distillation and innovative technology, they produce both spirits and mixers, as well as a collection of Single Note essences that capture the flavors and smells of a particular ingredient. The latest in cold extraction tech allows them to isolate separate notes from real ingredients from all over the world, fine-tuning each aspect of a spirit. Their first range, called Fundamental, contained their interpretations of gin, vodka, absinthe, and aquavit. In 2020, the range garnered several "best spirits" awards and countless gold medals at various competitions.

They rely on their noses as well as science, employing gas chromatography for their tests ― this technique is able to separate mixtures into different components, detectable with the human nose. They call it "Nose 2.0." Being obsessed with data analysis, they constructed a library of flavor molecules and ingredients to help them with their blends. Their entire lineup is certified organic.

Cocktail Elements is an innovative lineup of garnish sprays, meant to be used in cocktails. The certified organic range consists of Lemon, Lime, Orange, Yuzu, Citrus Pepper, and Coffee variants. All are produced using innovative chilled distillation technology and tweaked on the molecular level. These super-concentrated extracts are crafted with carefully chosen botanicals ― ingredients, harvested at the peak of their season ― resulting in the freshest of aromas and tastes. The extracts are made with organic grain alcohol. Cocktail Elements: 02 Lemon comes in a 50ml spray that contains enough liquid to garnish 80 drinks. It adds natural aromas and tastes of freshly-cut lemons.

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About Cocktails

The history of cocktails dates back to the not-so-good days of prohibition when people started to mix drinks trying to make the homemade or bootlegged liquor drinkable.

But things have changed since then, and cocktails have become increasingly popular with modern pop culture, from classics like Martini, Old Fashioned, or Negroni, to the more festive versions like Margaritas and Mojitos becoming staples in most bars.

Check out our cocktail recipes and grab everything you need to become a mixologist, or simply grab one of the ready-made cocktails and enjoy! 

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Add a zesty citrus twist to your cocktails with this garnish spray with notes of ripe, freshly-squeezed lemons.
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