The name Jameson has become synonymous with Irish Whiskey, and for good reason - you’d be hard pressed to find any more iconic brand than this triple-distilled spirit whose roots date back over 250 years.  In 1740, John Jameson was born into a family known for its bravery, as evidenced by the family motto, "Sine Metu" ("Without Fear" ), which was earned through the family's courage in fighting pirates on the high seas during the 1500s.

John Jameson himself was a living embodiment of Sine Metu, and his ancestors' bravery inspired in John a boldness to create a smooth whiskey that would be proud to have bear his name.  In 1780, the Jameson distillery in Dublin’s Bow Street began and quickly grew to be the biggest in the city.  Jameson pioneered the technique of triple-distilling whiskey - now the gold standard in the Irish wWhiskey industry. John Jameson established a legacy his descendants John II, John III and John IV all honored by leading the distillery well into the 20th century.




Jameson Irish Whisky is crafted using barley, pure Irish water and maize, in the same way it was done by John Jameson himself centuries ago. Unlike most whiskies, Jameson uses a combination of malted and unmalted barley, most of which is sourced by local farmers that have been providing their grain to the Midleton distillery for centuries.  The Dugourney River, which flows through the distillery, provides a fresh water source.



The mash is then taken and distilled through three separate copper-pot stills: a wash still, a feint still and finally a spirit still. This technique, triple distillation, was invented by John Jameson and to this day is the method that distinguishes Jameson Irish Whiskey’s characteristic smoothness from other whiskeys, most of which only use a single or double distillation process.


After triple distillation, the spirit is aged for a minimum of four years in a combination of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks that are largely imported from the United States and Spain. During the aging process, the spirit gains flavor from the wood while losing 2% of its volume to evaporation each year, known as the Angel’s Share.



Following the aging process, the Head Distiller blends together different barrels in various amounts to create Jameson’s characteristic smoothness and taste profile.  This process ensures that each sip of Jameson is consistently of the highest quality.