Bramley & Gage Elderflower Liqueur

A spinoff of 6 O'Clock Gin, Bramley & Gage produces artisanal spirits with whole fruits. They specialize in liqueurs, this one invoking springtime with deliciously floral elderflower aromas. It's perfect neat, over some ice, or in a number of cocktails. Goes particularly well with sparkling wine!
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Bramley & Gage Artisan Spirits has been operational since 1988. The story is intertwined with the brand 6 O'Clock Gin, which was started by the husband & wife team of Edward and Penny Kain. At first, they were making fruity liqueurs and started selling them. They then turned to gin, creating the first family recipe that would become Sloe Gin. Today 6 O'Clock Gin is run by their children Michael and Felicity, while Bramley & Gage is a spinoff, dedicated to creating artisanal spirits with whole fruits.

The Bramley & Gage range consists of Elderflower, Greengage, Quince, and Raspberry Liqueurs, as well as Organic Sloe Gin, Creme De Cassis, and a Dry and Sweet Vermouth. The Elderflower Liqueur is crafted in small batches using hand-picked elderflowers and is bottled at 36 proof. Its fresh and floral profile makes it a perfect summer drink — either neat or over some ice — but it shines particularly bright in cocktails. It isn't just the perfect match for sparkling wine, white wine, or sparkling mineral water, but goes well with fruit salads or even pancakes.

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Proof 36 (18% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Undisclosed
Size 350mL
Floral and sweet, this liqueur invokes springtime with delicious aromas and tastes of elderflower. It's bright, fresh, and versatile, pairing well with sparkling wine, white wine, or sparkling mineral water, but goes just as nicely with fruit salads or even pancakes.
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