Bonaventura Aamaro Erbe e Fiori

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Size750mL Proof60 (30% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
Bottled at 30 proof, this amaro strikes the perfect balance of bitter sweetness, floral, fruity, and herbaceous notes. Inspired by their Prime Uve Bianche spirit, it's a union of the spirit of the vineyard with the scents of the garden.
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About Bonaventura Aamaro Erbe e Fiori

Their Prime Uve spirit was the first to employ whole ripe grapes in its distillation process. It's this spirit that inspired Amaro Bonaventura. Erbe e Fiori is Bonaventura's amaro, redesigned. The focus is on the flowers and the Prime Uve Bianche spirit that is crafted from white grapes. The amaro is likened to a pleasant stroll through a blooming field with floral and garden aromas of geranium, rosewood, linden, and cornflower. The bitterness comes from nettle and bogbean with citrus touches to give the amaro a zesty freshness. It's a fruity amaro, owing to the unique grape distillate.

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About Bonaventura Maschio

Distilleria Bonaventura Maschio was founded in the early 1900s by the Maschio family. The family cultivated the land around Cismon del Grappa, distilling grappa in a portable still. The still was brought to Italy from their travels through Hungary and Romania. Antonio Maschio set the company up a short distance from the River Piave. Today, their land stretches across the Italian Northeast with vineyards providing the grapes for their spirits.

Italo Maschino, responsible for the company's turning point at the end of the 80s, spearheads the operation with his daughter and son aiding with the management, communications, and production. The company has expanded considerably over the past century, diversifying from producing solely grappa to all kinds of spirits, wine, and liqueurs.

About Liqueur

This typical aperitif has its origins in 13th century Italy where it was used for medicinal purposes. The liqueur is produced worldwide and can have all sorts of flavor profiles, from fruit, spices, nuts, and even cream, and has a low proof of 15 to 30% ABV.

Liqueur can be enjoyed in many different fashions, from drinking neat, in cocktails, served with coffee, or even used for cooking.

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The nose is gentle and floral with geranium, rosewood, linden, and cornflower notes. The bitterness is pleasant on the palate and balanced by a light sweetness and bright citrus notes. Orchard fruit is in there, lingering on the bittersweet finish.
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