Bittermilk Single Serve Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned (5-Pack)

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Size75mL Proof0 (0% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
This pack contains 5 single-serve mini-bottles that are ready to be mixed with your choice of bourbon or rye to create a perfect Old Fashioned cocktail. Made with gentian root, cinchona bark, orange peel, cane sugar, and spices, this mixer is aged in Willett Distillery bourbon barrels.
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About Bittermilk Single Serve Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned (5-Pack)

Bittermilk is a husband and wife team from Charleston, South Carolina. Founded by MariElena and Joe Raya, the operation was launched in 2013 with the goal of simplifying the process for the home cocktail-maker. Their range includes 7 cocktail mixers: Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned, Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour, New Orleans Style Old Fashioned Rogue, Charred Grapefruit Tonic, Oaxacan Old Fashioned, and Gingerbread Old Fashioned.

Hand-crafted and made in small batches, all of the mixers are non-alcoholic and use unique, all-natural, and mostly organic ingredients. Each comes with a suggested recipe that is as simple as adding the specified spirit type in the correct ratio. All of the mixers contain a bitter, sweet, and acidic component that contributes to the balance of the finished cocktail. Bitters take the center stage, as the name Bittermilk implies. Several botanicals and aromatics are added, while creative techniques such as smoking, barrel-aging, and macerating add to the complexity.

The Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned mixer contains gentian root and cinchona bark for bitterness, then there's Florida golden cane sugar, burnt cane sugar, spices, and orange peel. It is aged in Willett Distillery bourbon barrels, allowing the aromas and flavors to marry and gain additional complexity. Mix one part of this concentrated liquid with four parts bourbon, rye, or similar aged spirits, garnish with an orange peel, and you have the perfect drink. This handy pack of single-serve mixers contains 5 mini-bottles, each containing 0.5 fl oz (15ml) of liquid that is just enough for a pour of whiskey.

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About Cocktails

The history of cocktails dates back to the not-so-good days of prohibition when people started to mix drinks trying to make the homemade or bootlegged liquor drinkable.

But things have changed since then, and cocktails have become increasingly popular with modern pop culture, from classics like Martini, Old Fashioned, or Negroni, to the more festive versions like Margaritas and Mojitos becoming staples in most bars.

Check out our cocktail recipes and grab everything you need to become a mixologist, or simply grab one of the ready-made cocktails and enjoy! 

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This mixer has a balance of sweetness, bitterness, and acidity. There are notes of burnt sugar, orange zest, and a pleasant sweetness on the palate. Finishes with a lasting bitterness.
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