Barmalade Apple-Pear Mixer 3-Pack

A premium mixer doesn't need tens of ingredients. This 3-pack of Barmalade's Apple-Pear is all-natural and concentrated, each bottle making more than 10 drinks. The orchard fruit notes combine with brown sugar for some delicious caramel goodness.
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Making delicious, bar-grade cocktails at home has never been easier. Several companies offer canned, ready-to-drink cocktails which are finished and only need a couple of ice cubes and some garnish. On the other hand, you'll find products that simplify crafting your own drinks to different degrees. Barmalade is one such brand that offers a range of award-winning premium fruit mixers that are 100% natural.

It takes under one minute to mix a delicious cocktail with Barmalade. Their products have a fresh fruit taste with the mixers basically amounting to "liquid jam". This means that all you need to do is choose the appropriate mixer, add your spirit of choice, some optional citrus & ice, shake, and the drink is ready to go. There's no dicing, juicing, or muddling involved and the mixers feature a long shelf life, keeping up to 30 days in the fridge once opened.

With 7 ingredients or less per flavor, you know you are getting a premium and natural mixer with no high-fructose corn syrups, dyes, food colorings, artificial flavors & sweeteners, or chemical preservatives ― just fruit, herbs, and vegetables. As the liquid is concentrated, 1 oz. is enough to make a drink with each 10oz bottle making at least 10 drinks. All the Barmalade mixers are gluten-free to boot.

Barmalade currently has 8 mixers in their lineup: Apple-Pear, Berry-Basil, Blackberry-Mint, Grapefruit-Elderflower, Mango-Habanero, Passionfruit-Pineapple, Blood Orange-Guava, and Raspberry-Hibiscus. The Apple-Pear mixer is made with all-natural ingredients: a juice blend (apple & organic pear juices), pure cane light brown sugar, filtered water, citric acid, and fruit pectin. The brown sugar, combined with orchard fruit, makes for a delicious caramel combo that goes particularly well with whiskey.

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Proof 0 (0% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Barmalade
Size 885mL
This mixer has notes of orchard fruit with apple and pear transformed by brown sugar into delicious caramel notes. Add whisky for a tasty apple pie effect.
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