Averna Amaro

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Size750mL Proof58 (29% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
Crafted using the original recipe that was passed down from the Benedictine monks to a merchant, this historic amaro is made with several herbs, roots, spices, and essential oils. It features an exquisite contrast of bitter and sweet notes.
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About Averna Amaro

Today, the amaro is produced in Caltanissetta, Sicily, and bottled at the Campari plant. The traditional recipe has remained unchanged since 1868 and features a prolonged infusion process where a selection of herbs, roots, and spices are first combined, before other ingredients are added. These include pomegranates and essential oils of bitter oranges & lemons. Finally, the ingredients are blended with pure alcohol, water, and sugar, before being filtered, rested, and bottled at 58 proof.

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About Liqueur

This typical aperitif has its origins in 13th century Italy where it was used for medicinal purposes. The liqueur is produced worldwide and can have all sorts of flavor profiles, from fruit, spices, nuts, and even cream, and has a low proof of 15 to 30% ABV.

Liqueur can be enjoyed in many different fashions, from drinking neat, in cocktails, served with coffee, or even used for cooking.

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With the contrast of bitterness and sweetness in the foreground, Averna has notes of orange and licorice on one side and myrtle, juniper, rosemary, and sage on the other. The finish has a lingering bitterness and dark sugar sweetness.
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