Wild Turkey story

101 Years. Real Bourbon.
No Apologies.

With over 101 years combined experience, Co-Master Distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell (the only father son Hall-of-Fame Master Distilling duo) have stayed true to a bourbon-making tradition from before Prohibition. Their selection of a higher rye recipe and lower barrel entry proof results in the signature bold, spicy flavor Wild Turkey is known for. Wild Turkey uses only the best ingredients at its distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, leveraging 100% American grown non-GMO grains and limestone filtred water from the Kentucky River.

"We Do Things The Right Way"

Wild Turkey is different for good reason, and it all comes down to premium ingredients, select barrels, and a lot of patience. We never pour a drop of Wild Turkey until its aged at least five years – often six or eight or more. When we put “Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey” on our label, it’s because our bourbon earned it.
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