Tequila Cabal Añejo

Tequila Cabal's Añejo expression builds on the wonderfully fresh and fruity unaged tequila. This premium spirit has spent 18 months in American white oak in an environment with controlled light and temperature.
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Somewhere in Amatitan, Jalisco, there's a field of the finest agaves. Campo Cabal has been there since 1911, well over a century. It's there, in the heart of tequila country, that Tequila Cabal begins its journey. Crafted with passion in the Los Altos Highlands, the spirit channels decades of tradition and experience into 3 expressions: the Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo. Cabal comes from the Spanish word "caballero" or "gentleman". It's a status that can't be bought, only earned ― and that's where Tequila Cabal draws its inspiration.

Once the agave hearts have been harvested, they are taken to the oven to be cooked. It's that 32-ton brick oven that speaks to all the tradition that's behind Tequila Cabal. The same oven has been used since 1911, working its magic on the freshly-picked agave piñas. After 42 hours they leave the ovens and are left to ferment naturally for 3 whole days. Then they are double-distilled using a 5-tank distillation process, ensuring the fresh aromas and flavors remain in the finished spirit.

The Blanco expression is unaged and serves as the base for the whole lineup. It's perhaps the purest and freshest of the threesome. The eldest of the 3 expressions takes that wonderful foundation and builds upon it. It spends 18 months in American white oak in an environment with controlled light and temperature. The Añejo expression that comes out in the end is a premium, superior-quality tequila that is silky-smooth, fruity, and playful, with complex nutty and caramel notes that have been imparted by the oak.

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Proof 80 (40% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Tequila Las Americas – NOM 1480
Size 750mL
It's a bold, yet fruity and playful tequila with oak immediately apparent on the nose. The fruity earthiness of the Blanco gets additional nutty, caramel, and spice notes atop the prominent cooked agave note. It's sweet on the palate with notes lingering through the finish.
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