Our story

Our experts work to bring you the finest artisanal spirits that are sourced from fresh, local produce and are a celebration of the passion and dedication of the master distillers who make them by hand.

Based in New York City, Caskers launched in June 2012. Co-founders Steven Abt and Moiz Ali met at Harvard Law School, where they quickly bonded over a shared passion for well-made spirits and cocktails. They created Caskers to help people discover craft spirits and take pride in what they drink.

All alcohol sales are solicited, offered, accepted, made and delivered by alcoholic beverage licensees. You are not buying from Caskers, but Caskers is connecting you to the people who have products we think you’ll love!

SHIPMENTS TO NEW YORK: All alcohol available in New York is sold by Andrew’s Wine Cellar, Inc. or Gramercy Wine Country, Inc. The seller varies by product, and will be identified prior to checkout.