Don Julio story
Don Julio Gonzalez began as a simple farmer, with an unparalleled devotion to his craft. Walking the fields religiously, trimming the grass compulsively, caring for the agaves like his children. Sacrificing time, space and money to live up to his love and appreciation of agave, land and family. It was this exceptional devotion that elevated the standards of tequila to uncharted heights. Devotion exalted the exceptional above the usual.
To this day, devotion runs deep throughout our land, our people and our liquid. The way Don Julio made his tequila is the way we still make it today.
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A devotion that doesn’t always make sense but does make the world’s most exceptional tequila. This is why what we call passion, some call obsession. Why we are restlessly committed to the details, knowing we can always get better. Why we don’t look at what others do. Our own tequila is our only benchmark.
So we invite you to venture beyond the surface to appreciate the true devotion that shapes the exceptional. Because when you taste Don Julio, you taste more than tequila. You get a glimpse into the soul of the man who made it.
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