Atelier del Maestro Tequilero Extra Añejo Tequila

This artisanal limited edition extra añejo is finished for 36 months in toasted French oak barrels.

*Each bottle is handpainted with a different design, so the picture used is symbolic.
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Atelier del Maestro Tequilero is a premium line of artisanal luxury Blanco, Reposado, Diamante, Añejo and Extra Añejo tequilas. They adhere to the artisanal process and 11 generations of expertise to create an authentic extra-aged tequila, comprised of several reserves to achieve the perfect harmony in aroma and palate.

Atelier del Maestro Tequilero Extra Añejo is comprised of tequilas aged in small barrels of American white oak and oak from Europe. This añejo spent 36 extra months resting in toasted French oak barrels. The cooking process is slow and meticulous.

Derived from the French "Atelier," Atelier del Maestro is a project that celebrates Oaxacan artisan masters. Each bottle is hand-painted with the same technique used to make the traditional alebrijes of Oaxaca — a brightly colored Mexican folk art sculpture of a mythical creature.

This limited edition extra añejo has a mix of unmistakable aromas such as cooked agave, vanilla tones, dried fruits, spices and a delicate touch of toasted almond.

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Proof 76 (38% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name La Rojeña Distillery
Size 750mL
Distinctive aromas of cooked agave, vanilla notes, dried fruits, ripe pineapple, chocolate, baking spice, oak and a delicious touch of toasted almond on the nose. The palate echoes the olfactory experience with a mixture of warming notes of wood, sweet, caramel, walnut, vanilla and light tones of cooked agave and fruits, enhanced by a distinctive softness that gives way to a smooth, lingering añejo finish.
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