Air Vodka

Using cutting-edge technology and a patented process, this vodka is created using 3 ingredients: air, water, and sunlight. The process removes CO2 from the air, making it the first carbon-negative spirit. It's also what makes it incredibly smooth and free of impurities.
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The NYC-based Air Company launched Air Vodka, "the world's cleanest, highest quality and most sustainable spirit," in August 2020. The technology-focused luxury goods startup which was founded by Gregory Constantine and Stafford Sheehan is about much more than just pristine spirits of the highest quality, using patented breakthrough technology to fight man-induced climate change. Air Company "ideates, creates & manufactures products that shape our future". Mankind produces way more CO2 than the plants are able to handle. Their unique technology is able to mimic photosynthesis in a fast and efficient way, transforming carbon dioxide into ethyl alcohol without any impurities that is suitable for spirits, fragrances, sanitizers, and various other applications. In the future, it might even be used as carbon-negative fuel!

Every liter of Air Vodka they produce cleans as much CO2 from the air as 8 fully-grown Acacia trees. The technology is used to capture CO2 from the air, while the sunlight generates the electricity needed to reform the CO2 and water into alcohol, the only by-product being oxygen. The resulting expression has no impurities, sugar, or carbohydrates. The world's most sustainable spirit is also incredibly crisp, clean, pure, and unbelievably smooth. It's only the first step for the company that is going to apply the same technology to various different industries, all with the goal of converting carbon dioxide into products with added value.

Taste the science today!
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Proof 80 (40% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Air Company
Size 750mL
Due to being literally created from air, this expression is free of impurities and the highest quality spirit on the planet. This means that it's exceptionally pure, crisp, and clean, as well as being incredibly smooth.
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