• A Spirit of Rebellion in Every Bottle

    Since 1849, our original, award-winning recipe has been made using only the purest Kentucky limestone-filtered water and new charred white oak barrels for aging.

    For more than 150 years, Rebel Yell has been bridging the gap between its proud heritage and modern tastes to honor the rebel spirit that lives in each of us.

    Let Your Spirit Be Heard.

  • Honestly Handcrafted

    Ezra Brooks is bottled at an honest proof and aged the old-fashioned way for an exceptionally smooth flavor and finish.

    Distilled using only the finest ingredients and charcoaled filtered for a smooth, mellow flavor, this genuine sour mash delivers a beautifully balanced and pleasingly soft Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

    Honestly Handcrafted. Honestly Ezra.

  • The Legacy Lives On...

    Nearly two centuries ago, David Nicholson created the famed ‘43’ bourbon recipe in the backroom of his St. Louis grocery store.

    Still possessing the outstanding character for which it earned in 1843, the David Nicholson legacy lives on unchanged, unfettered, and unmatched.

    A proud, storied history. A smooth, premium taste.

  • This rare whiskey shall never again be made.

    Every batch of Blood Oath is the undertaking of one man - John Rempe - a student of both Bourbon and Science.

    This Bourbon connoisseur has one goal in mind – to seek out Bourbons rare and wonderful, famous and forgotten, then bottle them in combinations previously unimagined for a lucky few.

    Loose lips never tasted something so special.

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