Forty Creek Founder's Reserve

This 10th annual limited edition, is a special unique whisky in tribute to Forty Creek’s founder, John K. Hall.
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Forty Creek follows in the Canadian whisky tradition, which began in the 1800s, a time when over 200 individual whisky distillers were busy at work crafting their own signature products. Canadian blends were traditionally produced with a high percentage of corn, supplemented by a mash bill of rye and barley.

Canadian whisky’s popularity surged during Prohibition in the United States, and in the 1950s and 60s. By the 1990s, the Canadian whisky industry had consolidated considerably, leaving only a few large distilleries producing the majority of whiskies on the market each year.

It was around this time, in the early 1990s when winemaker John K. Hall, a man with over four decades of experience in the wine industry, launched his dreams of becoming a world-class whisky-maker in Ontario, founding Forty Creek in Grimsby, Ontario.

Prior to crafting the first batch of Forty Creek Whisky in 1992, John Hall had spent the previous two decades as a winemaker and industry expert. "They say if you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life," he says. "Forty Creek Whisky is that job for me."

This 10th annual limited edition release is a tribute to John Hall and his unique spirit. This Founder’s Reserve whisky is traditional Canadian whisky; a blend of barley, corn and rye whiskies, each individually distilled. The whiskies are then aged in American white oak barrels crafted with various chars to complement the whisky’s grain profiles. Aged anywhere from 4 to 9 years, only 12,000 bottles of this were produced.

“After 10 years of special editions, Founder’s Reserve was a truly fitting way to pay tribute to his legacy” (producer). With rich notes of apricot, orange, and exotic spice, this bold blend is bottled at 45% ABV.

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Proof 90 (45% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Forty Creek
Size 750mL
Rich aromas of apricot and orange on the nose, and bold flavors of exotic spice on the palate. The finish is long and dry.
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