Arbikie Haar Vodka

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Size750mL Proof86 (43% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
Indulge in the rich flavors of Arbikie's Haar Vodka — expertly distilled from Zulu Wheat grown on the family farm's Black Laws fields, this vodka boasts a smooth blend of vanilla, spice, and caramel that transports you to the mystical coast of Lunan Bay. Perfectly served as an espresso martini, or try it with apple juice, soda, and lime juice.
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About Arbikie Haar Vodka

Experience the misty magic of Lunan Bay with Arbikie's Haar Vodka. Their distillery is nestled on the picturesque east coast of Scotland, surrounded by the stunning beauty of Lunan Bay's sand dunes and cliffs. Occasionally a cool North sea mist known as "haar" makes its way from the beach and envelops the distillery, creating a truly magical sight. This newest addition to their vodka family boasts a creamy blend of vanilla, spice, and caramel, expertly distilled from Zulu Wheat grown on the family farm's Black Laws fields. With a 43% ABV and a layered, impressive taste, this wheated beauty makes for a serious contender in the world of spirits, just like their award-winning Potato Vodka that came before it — it really looks like the Arbikie’s team ventured on a path to show the world just how delicious a vodka can be. Perfectly served in an espresso martini or with cloudy apple juice, soda, and a squeeze of lime juice!

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About Arbikie

When it comes to distilling spirits, Arbikie takes a unique approach — one that is rooted (quite literally) in the vast and bountiful land that surrounds them. The three visionary brothers named John, Iain, and David have been tending to their 2,000 acres of land on the rugged Angus coast for over 350 years. And it's this wild terroir that gives their spirits their distinct character — the red sandstone-tinted soil, tempestuous weather, and its close proximity to the sea all come together to create a one-of-a-kind environment that imprints its mark on their spirits. And the Stirling brothers are more than up to the challenge. They call themselves "craftsmen of the soil," and for a good reason — they plant, sow, tend, and harvest every inch of their land. But the dedication of the Stirlings doesn't end there. Their commitment to a "field-to-bottle" approach is a reflection of their values of creativity, provenance, and authenticity, and it is clear that this dedication shows in the premium quality of their spirits.

About Vodka

Historians are not clear on the exact origin of vodka since different sources link its beginning to both Russia and Poland. But one thing is clear: this somewhat simple spirit, first used as a medicinal concoction, has become one of the most versatile drinks in the world.

It can be distilled from any type of grains, potatoes, or even grapes worldwide. Due to its simplicity, this unaged spirit's main flavor factor is the quality of water and the ingredients used in the distillation process.

Primarily used in cocktails, vodka can also stand its ground when enjoyed neat.

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On the nose, you’ll be greeted by the aroma of fresh, crisp apples, complemented by notes of rich caramel, subtle hints of sweet honey, and nuttiness from the pecan. A creamy, velvety texture on the palate gives way to a harmonious blend of vanilla, spice, and caramel. The finish is soft and warm.
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