Wilderness Trail High Rye Bottled in Bond Bourbon Whiskey

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Size750mL Proof100 (50% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
High Rye Bourbon Bottled in Bond by Wilderness Trail Distillery is a native Kentucky product that brings out the true essence of complex flavors. The 100% locally grown grains and a mash bill of 64% corn, 24% rye, and 12% malted barley produce a rich, non-chill-filtered Bourbon with oak, tobacco, and brambly red fruit notes. Aged for at least four years in a #4 char barrel, it culminates in a delicious rye-led finish.
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About Wilderness Trail High Rye Bottled in Bond Bourbon Whiskey

Wilderness Trail Distillery combines the best of both worlds by blending age-old traditions with the modern science of crafting bourbon. Their Rye small grain Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskeys are bottled in small batches, with up to 18 barrels per batch, all sourced from a single fermenter, resulting in a complex and nuanced flavor profile that captures the full essence of the distillate. Their High Rye Bourbon Bottled in Bond is a true embodiment of their commitment to local sourcing, with 100% locally grown grains and their own unique yeast strains. Unlike many bourbons that rely on a sour mash, they use a sweet mash that perfectly balances the 64% corn, 24% rye, and 12% malted barley mash bill. A minimum of four years in a #4 charred barrel at a low 110 proof yields a non-chill-filtered Bourbon, endowed with hints of oak, tobacco, and brambly red fruits, a dash of leather, and a rye-led, lingering finish.

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About Wilderness Trail

Wilderness Trail Distillery is a craft operation that was launched in 2012 in Bold Danville, Kentucky. Mixing old traditions with modern science, they aim to create fine bourbon and other spirits. Founded by Shane Baker and Pat Heist, a pair with over 20 years of experience with fermentation and alcohol production under their belts, they craft unique spirits using locally-grown grains. Their spirits are hand-crafted and they pride themselves on being "not interested in making the most, just the best."

The founders were left with several yeast strains they had collected over the years in the industry and put them to good use in the distillery. The premium corn, wheat, and rye are sourced from the nearby Caverndale Farms and Walnut Grove Farms from Adairville, Kentucky, while their malted barley comes from Louisville. The natural Kentucky limestone springwater completes the 100% Kentucky list of ingredients.

Their production methods include the proprietary Infusion Mashing Process, which ― together with their unique yeast strains ― results in a softer and uniquely flavorful distillate. They are the first Kentucky bourbon distillery to use a chemical-free clean steam boiler that minimizes off flavors. Instead of sour mash, they rely on a sweet mash, which enables more flavors to be extracted from the grains. They employ a hybrid pot still, as well as two continuous column stills. All the whiskey is distilled, aged, and bottled on-site. Wilderness Trail produces bourbon, rye whiskey, vodka, and bourbon barrel-aged rum.

About Bourbon

There are not many things more American than bourbon, and although most of it is produced in Kentucky, it can be produced all over the USA.
It must be made with at least 51% corn and bottled at 40% ABV or higher. So why not give this American classic a try?

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The nose offers a delightful interplay of caramel, corn, and cinnamon, complemented by the rich aromas of oak, dark fruit, honey, and spice. The palate offers a complex and satisfying experience with the bold flavors of oak, tobacco, brambly red fruits, honey, caramel, vanilla, and a touch of leather. The finish is long and memorable, with a spicy kick led by the rye and the smooth sweetness of caramel and oak.
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