The 5 Whiskey Inspired Products You Need

Whiskey may not literally make the world go round, but if you are reading this then chances are that it does for you.  So we rounded up the very best whiskey products that you don't yet have.  If there was only one way to improve everyone's lives around us, getting them each of these would be it.  And let's be honest, Whiskey Bacon is way overdue.  


1. ShotClock™

Whether you’re a morning person already or the idea of getting out of bed pains you, this alarm clock will take your day up a notch. Wake up to the refreshing smell of whiskey being poured as your alarm goes off, so you can tell Folgers® to move over, the best part of waking up just got better.

With multiple pour settings, choose the right sized pick me up for you from 10mL to 500mL. The ShotClock™ can be programmed for multiple alarms a day to ensure you get a pick me up whenever you need it.

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2. Whiskey Translate™ App with Face Fixer™

With the Whiskey Translate™ App with Face Fixer™ technology, you no longer have to worry about those absent, squinty or closed eyes. Forget about that unkempt hair or the obnoxious face you made.

This proprietary technology uses facial recognition software and to create the perfect face you should have made while posing for the photo. Whiskey Translate™ App with Face Fixer™ uses all of your past favorite photos to digitally alter any less than flattering images.

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3. Whiskey Infused Bacon

These pigs are raised on an organic farm in upstate New York on an all whiskey diet giving them a shiny coat and tasty bacon.

The pigs are fed 3 types of bourbon aged 5 – 8 years each, giving them a balanced and slightly smoky flavor, producing the juiciest bacon you've ever had. Additionally, just before packaging the bacon is dipped in a 10 year old bourbon giving it a sweet, nutty exterior. 

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4. Pet Whiskey Bowl

Move over pet wine, there’s a new player in town. Never drink alone again with the pet whiskey bowl, with automated dispensing options in case you forget.

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5. WhiskeyVend™ 

Kick the outdated soda machine to the curb, you’re not in high school anymore. This one-of-a-kind whiskey vending machine will change your space (and your life) forever.

Customize your machine by selecting up to 9 varieties of whiskey to suit your every need and enjoy built-in, low-stock alerts so you can rest assured that you will never run dry again.

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