Hämmerle Quince Brandy

One of the most elevated brands of the quickly budding niche category of eau de vie, this Quince brandy is crafted on-site at the Destillerie Freihof in Lustenau, Austria.
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The alcohol industry has a significant historical reputation in Europe. Most of these companies are conduits of long-standing family traditions, perpetuating personal family schnapps recipes and traditional distilling techniques. American craft distillers are tapping into this market and making these unique European elixirs accessible to the U.S. markets.

Destillerie Freihof, W. Hämmerle GmbH & Co KG was founded back in 1885. The distilling business was developed from the "Zum Freihof" inn, which was founded in 1885. The Freihof in Lustenau was used as a guest house in the 19th century and was said to be a “popular meeting point for gourmets and Freemasons” (producer). The family-owned distillery in Freihof is now an internationally award-winning company, producing resplendent fruit brandies and schnaps classics as well as liqueurs and spirits specialties. The company’s products are made on-site at its distillery in Lustenau, Austria.

Gebhard Hämmerle and Johann Drexel are in charge of the operations at the Destillerie Freihof, producing quality spirits while passionately abiding by family traditions. The family company produces a wide array of fruit brandies and premium schnapps. Under its brand Privatbrennerei Gebhard Hämmerle, the distillery produces a comprehensive collection of traditional fruit brandies of a variety of flavors, including cherry, raspberry, apricot and Williams pear while offering specialty brandies such as rowanberry, elderberry, and quince. Destillerie Freihof also has a private reserve of exceptional fruit brandies, produced only in limited quantities, with a portion actually aged in wooden barrels.

Among other fruits, the quince is relative to the apple and pear. It grows on a small deciduous fruit-baring trees and are very similar in appearance to the pear, with its bright golden-yellow coloring. Hämmerle Quince is bottled at 42% ABV, with tart pear-like notes, flavors of orange blossoms, and other subtle fruit flavors.

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Proof 84 (42% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Destillerie Freihof
Size 500mL
An elegant bouquet, and subtle fruit on the nose, tart pear on the palate, followed by a rounded finish.
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