Del Maguey San Pablo Ameyaltepec Mezcal

San Pablo Ameyaltepec is a floral and fruity mezcal from Del Maguey’s Vino de Mezcal Series. This limited-edition expression is handcrafted from the wild Papalote and Pizorra agave by Master Mezcalero Aurelio Gonzalez Tobon in the village of San Pablo Ameyaltepec.
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Del Maguey, Single Village Mezcal was founded in 1995 by Ron Cooper, who wanted to introduce the world to previously unavailable artisanal mezcal produced the original handcrafted way. Through deep relationships with indigenous producers in Oaxaca and Puebla, Mexico, Del Maguey protects and preserves the ancient production processes that have been passed down for generations. These traditional methods, combined with the diverse micro-climates and terroir of Mexico, give each creation its own unique, rich, sweet and smoky character that celebrates the art of each family producer. Every product in the brand’s range is made by individual family palenques. The brand has been part of the portfolio of the international spirits company Pernod Ricard since 2017.

The expressions in the Del Maguey, Vino de Mezcal Series are hand selected by the brand founder. They are produced in very limited quantities from select wild and cultivated varietals. Before the notion of mezcal or tequila as spirits categories, agave-based spirits from anywhere in Mexico were traditionally referred to as vino de mezcal. The first mention of tequila as a beverage is in the town of Tequila’s tax record of 1873, which contains an entry showing that three barrels of mezcal wine from the region of Tequila were sent to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

San Pablo Ameyaltepec is the only expression from the state of Puebla in Del Maguey’s Vino de Mezcal Series. It is handcrafted from the wild Papalote and Pizorra agave in the village of San Pablo Ameyaltepec. Agave hearts, harvested when 12–18 years old, are roasted in an earth oven, and then fermented open air with natural yeast. Master Mezcalero Aurelio Gonzalez Tobon and his family make their mezcal using a rustic version of French continuous distillation method, so distilling a single batch could take up to twenty hours. This floral and fruity mezcal is bottled unaged, at 47% ABV.

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Proof 94 (47% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Del Maguey
Size 750mL
Nose with aromas of spice and lilacs is followed by notes of sweet tropical fruit, crisp citrus and pear skin on the palate. The finish is creamy, complex, with mineral qualities.
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