Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project

This set of twelve bottles is part of one of the largest and boldest whiskey experiments ever.
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In 1999, Ronnie Eddins — the former Warehouse Manager at Buffalo Trace Distillery — crossed the Ohio River in search of the finest oak trees growing in the Ozark Mountains. That year, in search of the perfect bourbon, Buffalo Trace began the Single Oak Project — one of the whiskey industry's largest and boldest experiments ever.

After Eddins hand-selected 96 trees with various coarseness and thickness, the trees were cut down and the staves sourced from each tree were seasoned for 6-12 months. From there, the staves were assembled into barrels. Each tree produced two barrels — one barrel made of oak from the top of the tree and one barrel made of oak from the bottom of a tree.

After the barrels had been coopered, the barrels were charred with either a #3 char or a #4 char. Then, a portion of the barrels were filled with a bourbon that included wheat in the mashbill, while the remainder of the barrels were filled with a bourbon that included rye in the mashbill. Finally, the barrels were left to age in different types of warehouses — some barrels aged in warehouses with concrete floors and others aged in warehouses with wooden floors.

In total, Buffalo Trace experimented with seven different variables, resulting 1,396 potentially unique bourbons from 192 different barrels. At www.singleoakproject.com, Buffalo Trace is collecting feedback on the different bourbons in order to identify the perfect bourbon.

Today, we're featuring bourbons from 12 different barrels — Barrels 5, 6, 37, 38, 69, 70, 101, 102, 133, 134, 165, and 166. These barrels were released in as part of Buffalo Trace's ninth lot of Single Oak Project barrels — the remainder of the barrels will be released over the course of the next year. Each of the bourbons in this release were aged in a seasoned barrel with a #3 char, and entered the barrel at 125 proof. In addition, all the barrels in this release were aged in Warehouse L, which is composed of concrete.

To date, approximately 2,000 bourbon aficionados have gone to www.singleoakproject.com to review a Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. These whiskey reviews will determine the perfect bourbon! Once you've reviewed a bottle from a particular barrel of Project Oak Bourbon, Buffalo Trace will provide you with detailed information regarding the provenance of that barrel.

"Obviously the search for the perfect bourbon is a long way from being completed,"continues Comstock. "Consumers and industry experts each have their own favorites. It's a perfect time for newcomers to get involved with the project and weigh in with their reviews online to help us pick the number one bourbon."Pick up this lot of 12 different Project Oak Bourbons and vote today!

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Proof Varies
Distiller/Bottler Name Buffalo Trace Distillery
Size 4500mL
Varies with each bottle
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