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Belles Organic Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

Each of these organic, ready-to-drink cocktails comes in its own unique, award-winning packaging.

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One day in the summer of 2011, husband-and-wife team Daniel and Jessica Flores arrived to a lake party near their North Georgia mountain farm armed all of the ingredients — unsqueezed organic fruit, agave nectar, and fresh local moonshine — needed to make outstanding cocktails for the weekend. All of their preparation, however, caused them to arrive two hours late, and upon arriving they were encouraged by friends to simply “grab whatever’s in the cooler” and jump in the lake. Dismayed by how quickly their friends were willing to sacrifice quality for convenience, Daniel and Jessica set out to create a product that didn’t compromise one for the other, and shortly thereafter Belles Organics was born.

Belles Organics are organic, ready-to drink cocktails that come in eco-friendly packaging inspiring you to “find your inner belle”.

The Banana Belle is crafted crafted with banana, coconut, white grapes and small batch sugar cane rum.

The Southern Belle is a classic take on southern-style lemonade, mixed with organic wheat vodka, and The Beri Belle is made with southern-style lemonade, blueberries and organic wheat vodka.

The Belle on the Beach is a refreshing mix of peaches, cranberries and oranges, and is made using organic whole wheat vodka.

The Georgia Belle is crafted using fresh peach nectar, vanilla and organic wheat vodka.

Belles organics is committed to using only the freshest, all-natural ingredients, and adhering to sustainable practices throughout every step of its production process. Try each flavor today!

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